Alice In Borderland Season 1 Recap In English

Characters and their real names

  1. Ryohei Arisu – Kento Yamazaki
  2. Yuzuha Usagi – Tao Tsuchiya
  3.  Yuzuha Usagi – Eleanor Noble
  4. Ryohei Arisu – Daniel Rindress-Kay
  5. Shuntaro Chishiya – Nijirô Murakami


Alice In Borderland Season 1 Recap In English – The movie starts by introducing a guy named Arisu, who is deeply engrossed in playing video games. He hangs out with his friends Karube and Shota, but their day takes a bizarre turn when they find themselves chased by the police. Seeking refuge in a restroom, the power goes out, plunging the surroundings into silence. When they emerge, they discover that the entire city is eerily deserted, and night has fallen.

alice in border line

As they navigate the strange, empty city, they notice a lit billboard in the distance, drawing them to a mysterious game arena. Inside the arena, they learn that players must take on specific forms to participate. A high school girl, Usagi, joins them, followed by another woman named Shibuki, who delivers a grim message: once a player enters the arena, they cannot leave, as they will be shot by Eliza if they attempt to escape. The deadly game is now a matter of life and death.

alice in borderland season 1

In this harrowing situation, Arisu and his friends witness the tragic death of a girl who makes a wrong choice in the game. They are forced to think and strategize to survive. After they manage to complete the game, they are issued individual visas, and the more they play, the longer their visas are extended. If their visas expire, they face execution.

Feeling trapped with no other options, Arisu and his friends decide to play more games to become more familiar with the rules. They come across an apartment complex where they meet several other players and engage in a game of tag. This game requires players to hide from the host, Moss, while searching for a room with two buttons. These buttons must be pressed simultaneously to prevent an explosion that would kill them all. Arisu, Usagi, and Chishiya eventually locate the room but are attacked by another host, Mass Assassin. With Uzaki’s timely intervention, they manage to push the buttons and successfully complete the game.

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With the game cleared, they receive congratulations and are instructed to return to the beach. Karube informs them about a radio and the beach, where Shibuki and Shota have joined them for the next game. This time, they face a game called “Hide and Seek” with a difficulty level of 7. In this game, one player becomes the wolf, while the others are sheep. The objective is to hide, and when a player locks eyes with the wolf, they switch roles. The game is won by whoever is the wolf at the end, while the sheep perish.

Initially, everyone except Shota is unwilling to be the wolf, but Arisu changes his mind. However, after some time, Arisu decides he no longer wants to be the wolf and tries to find his friends. But they have already made their decision to sacrifice themselves to save him. Time runs out, and Arisu’s friends become wolves, while he becomes a sheep. As the game unfolds, it becomes clear that their fate is sealed, and they tragically lose their lives.

Haunted by the deaths of his friends, Arisu crosses paths with Usagi in the streets. She helps him get back on his feet, and together, they locate the game arena, which is inside a bus. There, they join three other participants. The players are tasked with reaching a goal, and one player with a sprained leg is left behind. Arisu, Usagi, and the two remaining players set off, assuming that the goal lies at the end of the 12th tunnel.

During their journey, they are suddenly attacked by a Panther, and one of the players is killed. Arisu and Usagi find fuel for a motorbike, and Arisu decides to return to rescue the injured player. He uses diesel to stall the Panther, allowing the injured player to escape. However, the bus turns out to be the actual goal, and Arisu and Usagi barely make it out alive as the water floods the bus. Arisu is left deeply shaken by the traumatic experience.

As they try to find their way back to the beach, they secretly follow a group of players who seem to have a plan. However, their cover is blown, and they are taken to the leader of the beach, Hatter. Hatter explains that the beach’s mission is to collect all the cards, which they believe will allow them to return to the real world. Arisu and Usagi are tasked with joining the team and getting skilled in a particular game.

Once Arisu returns to the beach, Aguni becomes the new leader, and they embark on a mission to steal a deck of cards. Unbeknownst to Arisu, Shibuki and Shota plan to betray him. Arisu joins them in stealing the deck but is later betrayed by Shibuki, who shoots him and leaves him tied up.

In a shocking turn of events, Shibuki and Shota lace the entire beach with poison gas, turning all the players into participants. The deadly game is revealed to be called “Which One.” Arisu and Usagi, with the help of some other players, escape the gas and confront the leaders of the beach.

As they watch a video message left by one of the beach’s executive members, they learn that the dealers, Ashley and Momoka, set up games to extend players’ visas. Arisu and Usagi uncover an underground layer and are met with


Arisu and Usagi expose the sinister truth behind the games and the corrupt dealers. The battle for survival and freedom continues as they seek to challenge the system.

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