ATM Movie 2012 Recap In English

ATM Movie 2012 Stars and their real names

  1. David Hargrove – Brian Geraghty
  2. Emily Brandt – Alice Eve
  3. Corey Thompson – Josh Peck
  4. The Man – Mike O’Brian
  5. Robert – Robert Huculak
  6. Security Guard – Ernesto Griffith
  7. Jerry  РBryan Terrell Clark
  8. Luke – Dan De Jaeger
  9. Christian – Omar Alex Khan
  10. Patrolman – Aaron Hughes


ATM Movie 2012 Recap In English – The story begins with a mysterious man meticulously planning and measuring diagrams on a map, hinting at an important scheme. He then dons a fluffy coat and leaves in haste. Meanwhile, at a financial company, David faces a challenging conversation with a client who lost a significant amount of money. His coworker Corey tries to cheer him up, reminding David of his crush, Emily, who will be leaving the company soon.

David is hesitant to ask Emily out despite his long-standing crush. Later that night, they all attend the office Christmas party, but David’s attempt to chat with Emily ends awkwardly. When Emily leaves the party, David rushes after her to return her hat but realizes she is already wearing it. This results in Emily losing another cap. Seizing the moment, David finally asks her out, and she accepts.

However, Corey, who is very drunk, reminds David of his promise to take him home. David reluctantly agrees, and during the ride, Corey’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, causing multiple apologies to Emily for the awkward atmosphere. Corey asks for David’s phone, leading to it quickly running out of battery. Corey insists on getting pizza and persuades David to stop at an ATM for cash.

Atm Movie

Inside the ATM booth, they encounter a mysterious man in a fluffy coat. Emily becomes concerned, but Corey dismisses her worries. When Corey invites the man inside, he remains silent and unmoving, unsettling the trio. Suddenly, the man attacks a passerby, shocking them further.

Desperate to call for help, they realize both David’s and Emily’s phones are in the car. They search for an emergency button inside the booth but find none. The mysterious man, seemingly indifferent, continues to watch them. David decides to retrieve his car keys from the car to call the police, despite Corey’s objections. As David goes outside, the man sabotages the ATM’s heater, making the situation even more perilous.

David’s attempts to start the car fail as he discovers the wires have been cut. He retrieves Emily’s phone but is interrupted by the man, resulting in a struggle. David manages to retreat to the booth, surprisingly, the man doesn’t follow him. Instead, he retrieves Emily’s phone and tosses it into the trunk.

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With no means of communication, they try to trigger the ATM alarm, but their efforts fail. They notice Corey moving and find that he’s still alive, though wounded. They cover his wound and try to stay warm. David attempts to activate the alarm by hitting the ATM with a trash can, but is unsuccessful. The man blocks the ATM booth’s exit with David’s car and leaves.

atm movie

The ATM booth starts filling with freezing water through the heating vents via a hose the man connected. Emily and David attempt to lift Corey above the water but fail. David finds a lighter in Corey’s jacket, but is unable to reach the smoke alarm. Emily, sitting on David’s shoulders, finally activates the fire alarm using a makeshift flame.

atm 2012

Their relief is short-lived as David slips, causing Emily to fall and fatally injure herself. The mysterious man rams a security guard’s car into David’s, crashing through the glass. In a fit of rage and desperation, David turns a wine bottle into a Molotov cocktail and throws it at the figure watching from a distance, only to discover it’s not the killer but the security guard’s body.

The police and firefighters arrive, and David is arrested. Surveillance footage appears to incriminate him and portray the trio as criminals. The mysterious man remains hidden among the onlookers. It’s revealed that he’s a serial killer who orchestrates elaborate plans to trap people in ATM booths, leaving the last survivor to take the blame.


In summary, the story portrays a series of unfortunate events in which a group of individuals becomes trapped in an ATM booth by a cunning serial killer. Their struggle for survival leads to misunderstandings, tragic losses, and a false narrative that ultimately incriminates the innocent. The story is a suspenseful and unsettling tale of survival against all odds, marred by misunderstandings and tragic consequences.

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