Before I Fall Movie 2017 Recap In English

Before I Fall Movie 2017 Characters and Their Real Names

  1. Samantha Kingston – Zoey Deutch
  2. Lindsay Edgecomb – Halston Sage
  3. Kent McFuller – Logan Miller
  4. Rob Cokran – Kian Lawley
  5. Juliet Sykes – Elena Kampouris
  6. Ally Harris – Cynthy Wu
  7. Elody – Medalion Rahimi


Before I Fall Movie 2017 Recap In English  – The movie begins with a teenager named Sam waking up in her bedroom, greeted by messages from her friends on her phone and a paper bird left by her younger sister. Right from the start, it’s clear that Sam isn’t in the best mood. She’s rude to her parents during breakfast and dismisses her sister’s attempt to help her find her missing gloves.


She’s then picked up by her friend Lindsay, and they head to school, where they plan to pick up their friends Ally and Elody. The girls are aware that Sam has plans to have her first sexual experience with her popular boyfriend, Rob, that night. Ellie gives Sam a condom, and they all engage in some light teasing about the upcoming event.

sam with her friends

At school, their day starts with their quirky teacher, Mr. Daimler, cracking a terrible joke. However, their routine is interrupted when several girls enter the classroom with roses to deliver for “Cupid’s Day.” Sam’s friend Anna is quick to express her disdain for the heteronormative tradition.

After class, Sam receives a rose from her boyfriend, Rob, with a message that suggests she should be more emotionally open. But there’s a surprise as she also gets a second rose with a poem that hints at knowing the “real” Sam. Things take a turn when Kent, a boy at school, approaches Sam and asks if she liked the rose he gave her. He also invites her to a party he’s hosting.

before i fall

During lunch, Rob stops by to kiss Sam and promise her a great night. Sam’s friends take this opportunity to gossip, including making fun of Anna’s recent breakup with her girlfriend. When Juliet, a loner at school, walks by, they also mock her based on her appearance and artwork. They play a cruel prank on Juliet by sending her a rose with a mean note.

Upon learning that everyone is going to Kent’s party, Sam decides to join in. The girls excitedly prepare for the party, and Lindsay offers Sam some advice about her upcoming intimate moment with Rob. The party eventually begins, and Sam’s attention is briefly caught by Kent, but she ignores him due to her distraction.

Things take a dark turn when Rob arrives at the party already drunk and with a bad attitude. Sam is put off by his behavior and rejoins her friends, where they dance and enjoy themselves. However, Juliet unexpectedly shows up at the party, and Lindsay decides to make fun of her. This leads to a confrontation, during which Juliet insults Lindsay and calls out the entire group for their mean-spirited attitudes. She reveals that Lindsay’s parents’ divorce is the reason behind her bitterness.

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Lindsay retaliates by insulting Juliet even more and telling her to go home. Juliet attempts to fight back, but a guy at the party intervenes, holding her back. The situation escalates as the group, including Sam, begins throwing beer at Juliet and hurling insults at her. Juliet runs away in tears.

Kent arrives, shocked and disgusted by what he’s witnessed, especially Sam’s involvement. He tells Sam that Rob is throwing up in the kitchen, deeply upset by the situation. In response to this horrific event, the girls decide to leave the party.

As they drive home, an awkward silence pervades the car. The girls feel a sense of guilt and unease, but eventually distract themselves with music. Sam checks her phone and is startled to see that the time reads 12:39. Suddenly, the car collides with something on the road and crashes into a truck. The screen goes black.

Moments later, Sam awakens in her bedroom, completely disoriented. She discovers that her phone has the same messages, and her sister left the same paper bird. At breakfast, she’s more polite to her parents, and thanks her sister for finding her gloves. During the car ride with her friends, she behaves differently, but still ends up in the same situation.

The day repeats itself, and Sam starts to realize that she’s stuck in a time loop. She tries various approaches to change the course of events. She experiments with her behavior, dressing differently, and even trying to flirt with her teacher, Mr. Daimler. Nothing seems to alter the outcome. The day always ends with Juliet being humiliated at the party, and then Sam is killed by a truck.

Sam’s frustration grows as she’s unable to break free from the cycle. She begins to isolate herself from her friends and family. Sam’s desperation escalates, and she decides to fully embrace her rebellious side. She dresses provocatively and lashes out at her family and friends.

Her interactions with her friends become strained, and she gets kicked out of the car by Lindsay. Sam continues to experiment with her behavior, but the day always ends in the same tragic way. Juliet’s death is inevitable, and Sam is determined to prevent it.

As she gets closer to Kent, they share a kiss, and Sam makes a genuine connection with him. But when Juliet’s confrontation with Lindsay unfolds, Sam intervenes to stop the fight. She attempts to reason with Juliet, but it’s too late, and Juliet runs off.

In the final loop, Sam decides to change her approach. She embraces her friendships, apologizes to Lindsay, and spends time bonding with her younger sister. She has a heart-to-heart with her family and even expresses love for her friends. However, when the confrontation with Juliet happens, Sam pushes Juliet out of harm’s way, sacrificing herself to save Juliet.

The movie ends with Juliet realizing that Sam’s actions saved her life. Sam’s soul, now at peace, reflects on her best moments as she watches over the people she loves. It’s a poignant conclusion that underscores the importance of kindness, selflessness, and the potential for personal growth even in the face of adversity. Sam’s journey, from self-centeredness to selflessness, ultimately leads to her redemption and the saving of another person’s life.


In the end, “Before I Fall” explores the transformative power of empathy and selflessness. Sam’s repetitive day ultimately leads her to self-sacrifice, saving Juliet’s life. This poignant conclusion underscores the profound impact one person’s actions can have on others, emphasizing the importance of kindness and personal growth.

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