Cricket on Top of white and blue Fabric.

Macro Photography of Cricket on Leaf.

Macro Photo of Cricket on a Leaf.

Macro Photography of Cricket, Red background

Macro Photography of Cricket on a Grass.

Yellow Cricket on Chain Link Fence.

A Macro Shot of a fly, Low light image.

Close Up Photo of Two Crickets on sand.

Close-up of a Cricket on a Hay Field.

Grasshopper on Grass, Cricket on yellow grass.

Brown Bush Cricket on Green Leaf.

Wart-biter bush cricket, Insect, Leaf image, Sky.

Cricket, Insect, Macro image, Going upwards.

Cricket, Insect, Nature image, Day time.

This tiny cricket (its body is about 1 cm long) is greedy for rose petals, but fortunately it does not appear in large numbers, so the damage to rose gardens is minimal, Pink Flower.

Cricket, Insect, Grasshopper image, Going upwards.

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