Farzi Webseries 2023 Full Explanation In English

Farzi Webseries 2023 Full Explanation In English  – Sunny is an artist who is facing financial difficulties. He assists his grandpa in operating a printing press along with his friend Firoz. Unfortunately, their business is on the brink of bankruptcy, leaving them feeling desperate. In a moment of desperation, they decide to print counterfeit ₹500 bills. However, their first attempt doesn’t go well, and they come dangerously close to being caught by local authorities, specifically in a local beverage shop.

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Undeterred by their initial failure, Sunny and Firoz decide to try again, and this time they succeed in producing counterfeit currency. Their actions catch the attention of Officer Michael, who is on a mission to apprehend a notorious criminal named Mansoor Dalal. Mansoor is known for producing counterfeit currency and distributing it widely.

Farzi ep 1

Officer Michael confronts Mansoor Dalal in Nepal, hoping to bring him to justice. However, Mansoor manages to escape, evading capture for the time being.

Unfortunately, the story takes a dark turn when Mansoor Dalal kidnaps both Sunny and Firoz, leaving their fate uncertain. When Sonny was younger, his father abandoned him at a train station. Sunny waited at the station, holding onto the hope that one day his dad would return for him. During this difficult time, he crossed paths with another boy named Firoz, who had also been abandoned by his parents. The two boys formed a close friendship, becoming inseparable companions as they faced the challenges of life together.

Eventually, Sunny’s grandfather stepped in to take care of them, providing them with a stable and loving home. With their grandpa’s support and guidance, Sonny and Firoz were able to build better lives for themselves. They worked hard and managed to repay their grandpa for his kindness and care.

Mega, who works at the Reserve Bank of India, discovered a fake currency note created by someone named Sunny. Michael, who is dealing with personal issues and drinks excessively, decides to blackmail a politician named Pawan Gahlot. Eventually, Michael successfully forms a group to investigate counterfeit currency.

Michael’s relationship with his ex-wife Rekha is strained, and their son, Mega, is unhappy with the situation. Mega decides to join Michael’s investigation team. However, problems arise when Mega challenges Michael’s authority to pursue an artist responsible for a counterfeit note she had found. She was close to identifying the artist, but had to abort the mission due to Michael’s orders.

Meanwhile, Sunny and Firoz collaborate to produce counterfeit bills for a politician. They take it upon themselves to transport a shipment of fake currency worth 20,00,00,000, intending to keep it for themselves.

Pawan Gahlot launches a counterfeit bill detection device called “Dann Rakshak” in the hope of gaining an advantage in an election through media coverage. At the same time, Sonny’s grandfather is struggling with dementia and urgently needs medical care. Mansoor becomes uneasy as the use of the device leads to arrests. However, he becomes fascinated by Sonny’s counterfeit skills, as the device is unable to detect them. This fascination eventually leads to Mansoor offering Sunny a chance to work with his criminal organization, promising wealth as an alternative. Sonny accepts the offer and begins creating counterfeit ₹2000 bills in his laboratory in Jordan, which remain undetectable by any machines. Mansoor uses the funds to arrange for Sunny’s grandma’s brain surgery, ensuring the involvement of a Nero specialist.

In Bangladesh, Michael and his team capture one of Mansoor’s henchmen, Bilal. Michael forces Bilal to become an informant upon returning to Mumbai. Meanwhile, Mansoor sends Bill to court to infiltrate Michael’s team. Bill meets Mega in a café and befriends her. While Mega searches for something, Bill borrows her phone and installs spyware on it. Bill continues to monitor their plans.

Michael gathers information from both Bilal and another informant within Mansoor’s organization. The two groups engage in a tense game of cat and mouse, with Michael closely monitoring all their movements. Mansoor proposes a Trojan horse strategy to smuggle 12,000 crore counterfeit bills into the country.

Sunny and Firoz, with the help of a Russian ship crew, successfully smuggle the counterfeit cash into the country. They enjoy their newfound riches and move into luxurious apartments. Sunny also grows closer to Mega and removes the spyware from her phone. However, they realize that the counterfeit bills bear the artist’s signature.

Mansoor is anxious to inject the fake currency into the market and urges Sunny to accelerate the process. Meanwhile, Michael devises a plan to trap the artist. Sunny and Firoz nearly fall into Michael’s trap, which leads to a close encounter where Michael sees their faces. In a bid to evade the pursuing police, Sunny and Firoz scatter the counterfeit bills on the streets, causing much dissatisfaction among the people. Mansoor orders their execution because they know too much about him, but Sunny manages to escape with the help of his allies.

In a fit of rage, Mansoor sets fire to Sunny’s grandpa’s printing press, killing his grandpa. This tragic event sends Sunny on a vengeful rampage, during which he kills many of Mansoor’s men and burns the counterfeit bills, vowing to end Mansoor once and for all. Meanwhile, Mega’s team is close to revealing the true identity of the artist. The story concludes with these dramatic events.


This Webseries is rated 8.4 out of 10 on IMDb. The character, Artist, is portrayed by the super-talented Shahid Kapoor.

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