Image of a brown metal cage holding a lit candle.

Ramadan Light Photograph on Table.

Photo Of Turned-On Night Lantern.

Lamp with a lighted candle inside.

Gray Lantern on wooden table, near red wall.

An old portable gas lamp’s internal flame.

A Person Holding a Lantern Lamp.

Woman Holding a Lantern and Wearing Fancy Glasses.

A Scarecrow Costumed Person with a Lamp.

Candle Lantern Made of Black Metal Hanging on Wood Wall.

Wax candle-filled lanterns on a nighttime street near a building wall.

On a table, a white lantern.

String of illuminated lights.

A lantern that is illuminated.

Old Gray Steel Kerosene Lamp on the street.

Old Kerosene lamp, Lighting image.

All around black, Tea light, Lamp, Lantern image.

Lantern, Background Wooden wall, Lamp photo.

More than one lantern image.

Twilight, Replacement lamp, Lantern photo during night.

Light, Lantern, Christmas lantern image.

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