Mirzapur Episode 1 Explanation In English (S1)

Mirzapur Episode 1 Explanation In English (S1) – In the opening scene, we see that the Don’s son, Munna, is sitting in front of his little truck named “Munna,” and his companions had stopped at a liquor vendor to buy some alcohol before they proceed further. They were stopped by a wedding procession. In Indian communities, it is customary for the bridegroom to travel to the wedding venue, sometimes to the bride’s house, on a horse accompanied by his family members who hire their own bands and dancers on their own budget. So, these pals got impatient as they had to wait for the wedding procession to cross before they could proceed. Munna got off with a pistol in his hand and started dancing with the people. As he was drunk, he started firing shots in the air, mistakenly killing the bridegroom. There was complete silence, and he shamelessly laughed at the incident.

Following the story, we see the Don, “Kaleen Bhaya,” and his henchman, Maqbool, are in their carpet industry inspecting the delivery of narcotics, implying that they run a drug ring and sell those drugs to nearby cities and towns. On his way back, the Don was stopped outside his house by two individuals. From their conversation, it is revealed that Kaleen Bhaya also runs an arms manufacturing facility. Local and low-cost handguns are created in his facility. Some pistols in the hands of clients burst when shot due to a lack of quality control. The client who bought the pistol was there to complain that the new pistol he just bought had burst when he fired it, causing him to lose his right hand. Kaleen Bhaya handed him a replacement gun and asked him to try again with another hand. However, that gun also explodes, and the victim loses both his hands.

The next morning, we see there is an election going on in the town’s college. One of the candidates is Munna, who has a lot of power and people behind him, while the other candidate is campaigning for himself alone. Our heroes, Guddu and Babloo, are studying in the same college. Guddu is a slacker in studies who has been failing for two years. He is focused on gaining muscles, attending the gym, and eating a nutritious diet in preparation for an upcoming bodybuilding competition. His younger brother, Babloo, is a class topper who is focused on building his career.

As the rival candidate was campaigning for himself, Munna comes to the campus, and his goons run after the poor guy to beat him for daring to stand against Munna in the elections. The pursuit goes through the whole college, labs, and corridors, ending up in the class of Guddu and Babloo. The teacher in the class does nothing and plays games on his phone. Guddu is awestruck by Munna’s might and how everyone on the campus fears him. Munna beats the rival candidate, and as he attempts to flee, Guddu makes him fall, and the gang catches him again, slamming him between his legs and warning him to withdraw his name from the elections.

Munna invites Guddu to have a small treat in the college mess in exchange for the small favor Guddu has done for him. As the day is over, Guddu’s sister, Dimpy, appears with her companion, Sweetie, who admires Guddu’s muscular body. She also teases him, as Guddu is shy when talking to girls.

In a parallel scene, we are brought to the city’s judicial complex, where we witness Ramakant Pandit, a courageous and idealistic lawyer, who is about to have his lunch before the next hearing. A local goon approaches and threatens him to cooperate in the upcoming case and let the criminals go free. Ramakant becomes enraged and knocks the goon out of the complex. This lawyer is none other than the father of Guddu and Babloo.

As the lawyer is sitting in his chamber, the father and uncle of the deceased bridegroom, who was slain the night before, approach him and ask him to handle their case against Munna because no other advocate in the city would help them owing to the fear of the don. Ramakant accepts the case and promises to assist them in obtaining justice.

We are then taken to the don’s house, where the don was intimating with his second wife but fails to take her to the next level each time. His wife complains that he ends up much earlier and always leaves her unsatisfied. During dinner, the don inquires with his son about the delivery of the local pistols they manufacture, implying that Munna is entering the gun business. The don personally examines the drug racket while they are discussing it, and an area comes to meet them and complains to the don about the groom’s murder Munna had committed the day before. Munna yells, “Who in this town has the courage to take their case?” In response, the cop informs them that a local lawyer, Mr. Ramakant Pandit, has taken that case. Munna becomes enraged and goes to the lawyer’s house to threaten him.

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