Money Heist S1 Episode 1 Full Explanation In English

Money Heist S1 Episode 1 Full Explanation In English – The story begins with a girl known by the secret name “Tokyo” waking up from a nightmare. She discovers a news report on TV, introducing herself to the audience. Tokyo reveals that she and her partner had committed 15 robberies together. However, her partner was killed during their last heist, forcing Tokyo to go into hiding. She’s been on the run from the police for 11 days, aware that she could face a 30-year prison sentence if caught.

tokyo mother

Tokyo calls her mother to let her know she’s alive, despite her face appearing on the news daily. Her mother reassures Tokyo that they will meet soon. Tokyo plans to leave her location to meet her mother but encounters a person named “Professor” who offers her an intriguing proposition. The Professor warns Tokyo that the police are waiting for her, and joining the Professor’s team might be her only way out. The Professor is planning a heist worth 2.5 billion Euros and needs Tokyo’s expertise.


Tokyo reluctantly agrees to join the Professor’s team, and they assemble a new group of heist specialists with secret code names. The team includes Berlin, Denver, Rio, Helsinki, Nairobi, and others. The Professor emphasizes the need for secrecy and anonymity as they prepare for a heist that will take five months to plan.

The team is provided with weapons, costumes, and other essentials. They hijack a truck carrying materials needed for their heist, which is at a location marked with a diversion sign. The situation becomes complicated when a school bus arrives, and the team takes both the school children and Royal Mint employees hostage.

The Professor oversees the operation from a hidden location, maintaining communication with Rio, who manages their communication systems. The hostages are blindfolded, and Tokyo and Nairobi take control of the situation. Meanwhile, Moscow and Denver successfully crack open the Royal Mint’s vault.

While robbing the vault, Moscow reflects on how their actions are driven by the Professor’s mastermind. In the midst of the heist, Tokyo and Nairobi exchange notes, signaling their companions to open the front gate to make it seem like a regular theft. However, a police officer gets injured during an exchange of gunfire.

Tokyo drags the injured officer inside the Royal Mint, but the team’s plan begins to unravel. The police call in SWAT teams for backup, and a bag full of money is scattered against the Royal Mint’s walls. The first episode ends with chaos and uncertainty.


In the dramatic conclusion of the story, Tokyo’s decision to join the Professor’s team leads to an ambitious heist at the Royal Mint. As they attempt to execute their meticulously planned operation, a series of unexpected events and police involvement throw their plans into chaos. With hostages inside the Mint, a wounded police officer, and the SWAT team on their way, the fate of Tokyo and her newfound accomplices hangs in the balance. The stage is set for a high-stakes showdown and a thrilling continuation of their daring heist.

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