The Wall Movie 2017 Recap In English

The Wall Movie 2017 Recap In English  – In late 2007, as the Iraq war was winding down, President Bush declared victory and rebuilding operations were underway. Sergeant Matthews and his spotter, Sergeant Isaac, were sent to a remote pipeline construction site in the Iraqi desert. All the American workers at the site had been killed, and their mission was to find the culprits responsible.

the wall 2017

The soldiers hid behind bushes and stones, watching the location under the scorching sun for over 20 hours. Matthews grew impatient, thinking there were no Iraqi soldiers left and suspecting the attackers had completed their mission and left. Isaac, however, pointed out that the precise headshots on all the victims suggested the work of the legendary Iraqi sniper known as Juba.

Matthews, no longer willing to wait, ventured closer to the site, leaving Isaac to cover him. But a shot rang out, and Matthews fell, wounded in the abdomen. Isaac, desperate to help, tried to contact their base but discovered the radio antenna had been shot, leaving him with no signal.

Matthews insisted that Isaac spot the sniper for him, despite Isaac’s warnings that Juba would spot any movement and shoot again. Isaac decided to make a hole in the wall to insert the scope, but he injured his hand while doing so. Matthews attempted to reach his rifle but passed out due to blood loss.

Isaac, left alone, removed the bullet from his leg and bandaged the wound before passing out himself. He woke to find Juba had hacked into their radio frequency, posing as an officer from the base. Suspicious of Juba’s questions and accent, Isaac realized the sniper’s true identity.

As time passed, Juba kept Isaac engaged in conversation while Isaac calculated the sniper’s position based on bullet trajectories. Isaac realized Juba was hiding under a pile of trash, confirming his professionalism. Juba denied being the famous sniper, claiming to be an ordinary Iraqi citizen seeking revenge.

Isaac tried to trick Juba with a helmet and jacket on his rifle but failed. He then risked his life to steal a radio from a dead body and found water and candy in the bag but still couldn’t establish contact with their base.

Desperate, Isaac ran toward Matthews, providing his location to Matthews. With Isaac’s guidance, Matthews aimed his rifle at the pile of trash and began shooting. Juba retaliated, shooting Matthews in the shoulder.

Isaac implored Matthews to crawl to safety, but Juba shot Matthews in the head, killing him. Isaac broke down, wanting to go home. Juba offered Isaac a chance to leave but remained skeptical.

Juba asked why Isaac was still there despite the war ending. Isaac finally admitted he had accidentally killed his previous sniper partner and lied about it.

Later, Isaac overheard a conversation on the radio, but couldn’t transmit due to the damaged radio. He realized Juba had been posing as a soldier, luring backup teams to the area to kill them.

Isaac, determined to stop Juba, retrieved Matthews’ rifle and created a distraction by collapsing a wall. He started shooting at the trash pile, unsure if he hit Juba. Helicopters arrived, revealing Isaac’s location, but Juba didn’t return fire.

As the helicopters departed with Isaac, Juba shot them down, killing everyone on board, including Isaac. Juba continued his deadly tactics, hacking into American communication lines, and the movie ends.


In the end, the relentless and deadly game of cat and mouse between Sergeant Isaac and the enigmatic sniper Juba took a tragic turn. Despite Isaac’s best efforts to outsmart Juba and seek help, the relentless sniper proved to be a formidable adversary. With a final act of treachery, Juba not only took the life of Sergeant Matthews but also continued his deadly campaign against the American forces. The story serves as a grim reminder of the harsh realities and psychological toll of warfare, where survival often hinges on split-second decisions and unwavering determination.

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