Vicky Donor 2012 Full Movie Explanation In English

Vicky Donor 2012 Full Movie Explanation In English  – So, let’s begin with the movie. Dr. Baldev Chedda is a fertility expert who runs a clinic and a sperm bank in New Delhi that guarantees high-quality sperm for couples. Unfortunately, he has more failed cases to his credit than successes, so he’s frantically looking for a healthy and high-performing sperm donor for his rich clientele. The scene shifts to Wiki. Arora, who lives with his mother and grandmother Vicki, is a young, good-looking Punjabi boy from Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi. He is the only son and has no financial support for Dolly, a widow who runs a small beauty parlor from home. Vicki’s over-the-top Punjabi mother, 100 decibels above average noise levels, constantly nags her son about his worthlessness. Dolls are always nagging Vicky to go and work at his uncle’s garment shops, so he can help with the family’s finances, but Vicky wants a job at a multinational company that will provide him with a better lifestyle.

A small brawl in the locality brings Dr. Chadda and Vicky face-to-face, Chadda concludes that Vicky could be the donor he has been looking for. From here on, Chadda’s days and nights are spent convincing Vicky to become a sperm donor. Vicki finally gives in, although he is hesitant at first. He accepts being a sperm donor after seeing the pile of money he could make. Initially, he openly discloses being a sperm donor to his friends, “I was a sperm donor,” but after facing ridicule from them, he starts to keep it a secret. With all the money he makes from shagging, he spends it wildly, renovating his house and his mother’s parlour and fulfilling all his dreams. Vicky falls in love with Ashima. Roy, played by super hot and sizzling Yami Gautam, is a Bengali bank employee whom he meets when he goes to deposit money in a bank. At first, Ashima is repelled by Vicki and his attitude, but slowly becomes attracted to him after getting there. They admit that they are in love and want to get married, and Ashim also discloses that she was briefly married to a Bengali guy who left her immediately after their wedding because he loved someone else.

When she asks Vicky about his status, he hides the fact of being a sperm donor, feeling ashamed of it. Despite the initial friction between Vicky’s and Ashima’s families due to their conflicting cultures, they convinced their families to get married. Vicky continues to hide his occupation and stops donating sperm after getting married, ignoring Dr. Chada, who continues to chase Vicky as he is his most successful donor. In an ironic turn, the couple discovers that Ashima is not conceiving; it is discovered that Ashima is infertile, and Vicky, with a heavy heart, takes better care of her one day. While looking at the doctor’s report, Ashima cannot find Vicky’s reports and asks him where they are. Vicki denies taking the fertility test and is forced to admit being a sperm donor. “I was a sperm donor.” Taken aback by her husband’s strange career, Ashima leaves for her parental home. Vicky’s heartbroken and cuts all ties with Doctor Chadda. He is now very upset as he loves Ashima and cannot live without her.

One night he gets a frantic call from his mother who claims that income tax agents have raided her beauty parlour, Vicky. She is to her aid, and there he’s arrested on suspicion of handling black money. While at the police station, Vicky is bailed out by doctor Chadda, and he clears the air with the police, explaining that he’s a sperm donor and the money was from the rich couple who became parents using dickey’s perm. Dr. Chadda and Vicky have a chat Vicky explains that Ashima has left because of his work as a sperm donor, and also she’s infertile after being released by the police wiki goes home to his upset mother who slaps him she’s angry with him about the sperm donation while his Grandmother points out that Vicky brought happiness and joy in the lives of those parents who can’t have children and that’s all what matters to her.

Dr. Chadda tells him that he will fix their marriage he then encourages Vicky to bring back Ashima which he does Vicky go to Ashima’s parental home and tries to apologize for his deception, although she is reluctant Ashima’s father sets her straight and tells her that Vicki is a good person, and she should not leave him because she’s envious of his being able to have children, and you are infertile she agrees to go with Vicky Dr. Chadda invites Vicky and Ashima to an event which he has hosted to celebrate the 25th anniversary party for his clinic where all the 53 families that Vicky helped bear children are present Ashima wants to take a closer look at the kids born with Vicky’s sperm she is fully convinced that Vicky she would be had done good at bringing happiness to these families, and she apologized to Vicky “I’m sorry” Doctor Chadda intervenes and tells them that while tracking down the guest list of kids whom Vicky fathered, he came across one child who lost her parents in a car accident and had to be put in an orphanage. He says that Vicky and Ashima should adopt her. They happily agree and reconcile with each other.

The movie ends with Doctor Chadda telling Vicky that a request for his sperm has come in, asking if he will donate. With Ashima’s approval, Vicky agrees and continues as a sperm donor, spreading happiness.


This movie is rated 7.8 out of 10 on IMDb. The character, Vicky  Donor, is portrayed by the super-talented Ayushmann Khurana. He is depicted as a sperm donor and a biological father to 53 healthy children. He is single and unemployed, and all he does is engage in intimate encounters for a living. However, at least he spreads joy, cheers, and reproductive material all over the world. But let’s not just label him as a sex maniac.

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